The Concept

   “Frileuse” is a French feminine term to designate someone sensitive to cold or, figuratively, someone timid.

   Brought up in a family of mostly girls and artists/designers, I have always been immersed in the world of    

   clothing. The idea of creating my own collection of scarves (a few models, a variety of colors) soon became

   an inescapable evidence, combining my DNA of “Frileuse” (I'm always cold!) and my passion for fashion.

   The project came to fruition through a chain of events: a series of defining encounters … a visit to the

   textile fair 'First Vision' in Paris … meetings with manufacturers in Italy ... the arrival of prototypes …

   the creation of our website … the control of production & delivery ... thinking about the next collection …    

   refining the text … translating the website ... and finally came our first collection, 'Les frileuses' - Winter 2012.

   The concept sounds wintry, but I believe the vast majority of us are, like me, chilly all year round.

   So I invite you to visit our site regularly to discover new collection items that will keep you warm during

   every season!


   We truly hope to give you a taste of our “Frileuses” world through our website and blog! 

   We wish to acknowledge the talented persons who participated in the development of this site:

   Photographer 'live' Cédric Demeester:

   Hairdresser and Make-up Artist Vincent Respriget:

   Our beautiful models Eugenie Lagneaux (2012) Louise Roobaert (2013)